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Welcome to Automatic Lessons Dublin

Automatic Driving Lessons DublinWe offer the best automatic driving training accross the whole of Dublin - to people of all abilities. We are a multi-instructor driving academy working only with RSA approved instructors.

Our group of teachers have an astonishing number of years behind the wheel and an excellent track record of producing capable and confident happy drivers. It's extremely important to us that you feel comfortable and in control whilst learning to drive, and we'll always aim to provide the environment that suits you. Are you a nervous Driver? That's not a problem.

Our experience is matched only by our easygoing personality and attention to detail which provides you with exactly what you need to pass the automatic driving test.

If you have any questions, issues, doubts, or want to get started, you can give me a call or fill in the form above and I'll get right back to you.

Automatic Driving Lessons DublinI would like to introduce myself personally. My name is Ian Daley and I'm the proud owner of Automatic Lessons. I strive to offer and ensure my staff offer superior Automatic Driving Lessons which will not break the bank.

Myself and my team have many years of experience helping people from all over pass their test in our award winning school of motoring. You will become a confident and successful driver when you pass your test.

We are based in North Dublin, and offer lessons to all the areas listed at the bottom of the page.

Automatic Lessons Dublin

Our Cars are so much easier to drive, more relaxing and are a lot less of a headache. There isn't anything to think about such as cluch or gearstick so you will reach the required "test standard" much sooner.

  1. You've failed your driving test in a manual car on more than one occasion but you need your full driving licence to get around for work, college or your plan drive in another country i.e USA.
  2. There is no clutch so no need to worry about cutting out or "stalling the engine"
  3. No worries about rolling back on a hill or over-revving the engine.
  4. The gears are automatic so no need to worry about what gear to use.
  5. You won't hold up traffic when moving off from traffic lights once you accelerate enough.
  6. More concentration on the road ahead: react to possible hazards (expect the enexpected) observation turning left and right, road position, use of mirrors, speed/progress for the road conditions and steering.
  7. Because there is no clutch you predominantly will only use your right foot so you can rest your left foot (recommended)
  8. You can drive the car perfectly with your right foot if your left foot is injured unlike a manual car. I once was in a taxi where the taxi driver only had 1 leg!

Have a look at our promotional video here.

Automatic Driving Lessons DublinWe are very proud of our average pass rate of 95%. We know everyone can have a bad day, and fail the test, but with our dedicated tuition, we will have you calm, confident and ready. Remember that if you "fail to prepare, prepare to fail". Our experience will guide you, and give you the training you need to pass the test. Join our list of happy successful drivers today!

Automatic Driving Lessons Dublin

Me and all my staff have many years of experience working in and around Dublin - We grew up here, live here, and know Dublin like the back of our hands.

We know the routes, the driving centres and everything you need to pass.

We want to ensure that a usually daunting and boring task such as learning to drive is a fun and exciting experience for you. Our high pass rate shows just that.